Why dishwashing liquid is all you need to clean your kitchen

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Why dishwashing liquid is all you need to clean your kitchen


All praise to the dishwashing liquid gods!!

Okay, I might sound nuts, but hear me out. Dishwashing liquid actually has more uses than just cleaning dishes, though it excels at that too. In today’s post I’ve listed 10 other ways you can use dishwashing liquid around the kitchen and your home.

If you can think of any other uses, let me know in the comments.

Other uses for dishwashing liquid

1. Clean the splash back

It’s especially good at doing this, so just mix some hot water with dishwashing liquid and wipe over the splash back with it. Wipe dry with paper towels. This is especially good if you have mirrored splash backs like I do!

2. Kitchen cupboards (inside and out)

Wipe over the cupboard doors whenever you have a spill, but also once a month to make sure they stay nice. Use a cloth, warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid for best results. Also, wrong the cloth out so it’s fairly dry. Don’t forget to wipe out the inside of cupboards, especially the cutlery drawer – it always seems to gather crumbs!

3. Stove top

I clean my stove top exactly like I clean the splash back. I often do them both after washing dishes cause the water is still pretty clean. Wipe down with a sponge and soapy water then dry with paper towel. It’s especially good if you have stainless steel appliances as it keeps them shiny without the harsh chemicals.

4. Fridge (inside and outside)

Take out all the ingredients in your fridge and clean it with warm soapy water inside and out. For further details see how to build an empire by cleaning your fridge.

5. Bench tops

You should be wiping the benches during and after you cook so everything stays clean. This is what they call ‘clean as you go’ so you don’t wait to the end to clean up the mess.

6. Kitchen floors

I don’t mind using dishwashing liquid on the floors but you have to use a tiny amount. Dishwashing liquid bubbles up a lot so don’t use much or you get a slimy feeling over the floors which you want to avoid (yes, I learnt by experience here).

7. Sink

It’s such an easy area to overlook but you do need to clean your sink BEFORE you wash the dishes. You don’t want bits of food on your clean plates so wipe the sink down with dishwashing liquid, warm water and a sponge.

8. Kitchen table

Don’t forget to wipe up the crumbs after dinner, and it’s very easy to do this with a cloth rinsed in warm soapy water.

9. Kitchen/Dining chairs

If you have wooden dining chairs or chairs made of easy to wipe surfaces (like fake leather and vinyl) then use the same method as the kitchen cupboards. You don’t want the chairs to get too wet.

10. Small appliances

Again, with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and warm water on a fairly dry cloth you can wipe over the outside of toasters, kettles, sandwich presses, blenders, food processors, pressure cookers and other appliances like them. Never submerge them in water!

And a word of warning to all the ladies out there:
By using so much dishwashing liquid you might end up with dry hands or have to reapply your nail polish regularly. Avoid both problems by wearing gloves while cleaning, or if you hate gloves (like me) then buy bulk moisturiser because you’ll need it. 🙂

I hope you’ve found today’s post useful. Let me know on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing me.

Till next time.

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