Two Oven Trays and Some Steel Wool

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Are you ready for a workout today? Cause that’s exactly what I’ve just had. And now I feel tired and stiff and sore, just like I’ve done a full body workout at the gym or in an aerobics class. And I never even left home.


Before we can begin this workout we need to do some preparation. Now, the preparation is going to take some time so we have to be truly dedicated to the workout at the end.


Okay, here goes.

Grab not one but two oven trays. Now, make sure over the next month or two you cook as many really gooey, greasy, messy, bubbling, splitting, splattering dishes as you possibly can using these two oven trays. Make sure that those spills, bubbles and messes get extra baked on each time you cook.

Meat pies? Great! Let them cook long enough that the side splits and the lid pops and the insides splatter over the tray.

Oven fish? Awesome! These ooze lots of grease, especially if you move them around a bit and the coating comes off – it lets out all the oiliness.

Pizza? Excellent! Cause you can really get a wonderfully baked on mess with the melted cheeses and the tomato sauce when it slops over the sides. And meaty pizzas will ooze grease from all those deli meats, and these will splatter over the tray as well. Perfect!

The already prepped oven tray, complete with yellow grease stain. 


See? I told you that the preparation would take some time. Now, don’t get me wrong, you have been cleaning the tray after each session in the kitchen. It’s just that there is a yellow substance building up on the edges and sides of the tray and you just can’t seem to remove it after each wash. The trays look almost as dirty as before they were washed.

By now the preparation should be complete and we can move into the workout phase. To make this workout a bit harder, and much more of a challenge, it’s a great idea to use a small kitchen with hardly any bench space. That means that you’ll have to squeeze yourself in and around obstacles and tight spaces and you’ll never be able to balance the oven trays properly, creating more muscle movement. Plus it’s good for the abs!

Turn the TV on, but make sure it’s a program you’re only half interested in watching. As you start concentrating you’ll miss all the good bits so don’t make it the latest blockbuster you’ve been dying to see. Trust me on this. You’ll thank me later.

So, you should have your two oven trays prepped and have the TV on in the background. Hopefully you’ve got the steel wool within reach by now. If not, add in a sprint to the laundry to grab some, and you will have completed part of the warm up section of the workout.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig in. Have a bit of warm water in the sink and wash off any obvious bits of dirt. This is the other part to the warm up really because you’re never going to get the yellowy stains off this way but it’s starting to get those muscles working in the ways we’ll need them to in a minute.

Are you ready to move on?

Okay. Here comes the first rep.

Grab the steel wool and rub it back and forth over the base of one of the oven trays. Really put your back into it and work those arm muscles hard. Alternate between long and short arm movements as you rotate the oven tray around, ensuring you get a really good all over arm workout. Squeeze those abs as you struggle to keep the tray balanced and don’t forget to breathe through these movements. Clench the muscles of your face in frustration at the effort, and then release and repeat. Wiggle that butt from side to side and shift from one foot to the other, occasionally lifting one leg or the other to get a great stretch for your calf as you scrub extra hard on that stubborn spot.


Take a look at the oven tray. Guaranteed you have only scratched the surface of all that yellowy grease and grime. Now, repeat the above rep between another 2 to 75 times until those oven trays come up sparkling clean and looking brand new, or even newer than the day you bought them!

In the interests of being a health focused individual you should stop every so often to have a sip of water. All the major exercise gurus tell you to sip water as you workout, and once you start sweating you’ll start needing that water. Keep a glass or bottle handy during the rest of the workout so you can stay hydrated. And remember: always sip, never gulp.

Ta-dah! The completely clean oven tray at the end of my workout!


Stretch those arms to the front, back and above your head. Stretch your back into a backward curve too. And brush that strand of hair from your eyes.

Rinse and repeat that above until you’ve hit the desired number of reps.

Stand back and marvel at your work. Let those feel-good endorphins seep through your skin and soak into each muscle. Feel the sense of achievement for a great workout and a job well done.


You’re done!


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