How to organise your spice drawer

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How to organise your spice drawer

I know what it’s like. You follow a recipe and buy a packet of cumin, but you don’t use the full packet. Then you follow another recipe and have paprika leftover. Then it’s recipe after recipe after recipe and now you have cinnamon, ginger and five spice powder hanging around. Before you know it, you’ve got a spice drawer and suddenly you need to oganise your spice drawer.

Your spice drawer becomes a space filled with packets of spices and herbs, some open, some closed, some ripped and others shut tight with a bit of sticky tape. It might be a drawer, a shelf, the back of a cupboard or an old lunchbox, but it’s there and it’s chaotic.

Who’s got the time to clean it up, riffle around for spices during a recipe, or organise it, right?

Well, if that spice space has become the bane of your existence, or the chaos is driving you mad, then there really is only one solution: organise it!


The rewards of organising your spices are many:

  • You can find what you need instantly.
  • Your food tastes better because you’re using spices and herbs in your cooking.
  • You feel happier because you’re less stressed about cooking.
  • Your family appreciate you more cause your food tastes better.
  • You start to look like a real chef with such an organised spice area.
  • Your friends start to think you’re a professional with such an impressive and well organised spice space.

What more could you ask for? Maybe an award at the local show for your best ever cinnamon tea cake? 🙂

If you’re after all the glory you just need to follow a couple of simple steps and it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to organise.


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Buy some small containers or a fancy spice rack complete with tubs or bottles.
  2. Take each packet of half used spice and add them to individual containers.
  3. Clean out the drawer or lunchbox that used to house those spices (which means wipe out with a partly damp cloth).
  4. Put the new containers back in the drawer or find a place in a cupboard or on the bench to show off that new spice rack.



How awesome do you feel now? You’ll be cooking up better food in no time. And now you know which spices you’ve got and where they all are you might want to make your own spice blend and put it over some fish or marinate some chicken or beef with it. See, dinner becomes easier to figure out too.

Did you find any spices in there you didn’t know you had? Which ones?


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