Anthony Bourdain

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am very ready for an overseas holiday!

Unfortunately it’s not an option at the moment because of other commitments, but don’t think that that is going to hold me back.

These days you can see the world right from the comfort of your own couch. Okay, so I know it’s not the same but you can see a lot about a country and make a few plans by spending a few hours researching the countries you like on the internet.

But you know what the most important thing is to learn about before you go? Yeah, it’s important to find hotels and check out the major attractions, but what’s more important than that? Obviously, it’s the food!

I want to know what to expect when I’m in a country and the local cuisine plays an integral part in helping you to enjoy your holiday. For instance, I was told a story the other day about a girl who is currently in Venice on a once in a lifetime trip. She’s had a round the world trip and she’s very excited to be in Venice but all she can do is look at the beautiful food at the moment. She’s got food poisoning from another country she was in the day before she moved onto Venice. How unfair is that!

So, in the interests of making sure I enjoy any upcoming holidays abroad, and so I don’t get food poisoning, I’m going to share with you one of my most interesting finds on overseas food: Anthony Bourdain.


Exactly! I’d never heard of Anthony Bourdain either until I watched one of his videos. He’s an American travel writer who eats everything. And I mean everything! He does the normal and ordinary dishes and meals of the local cuisines in each country, but he also does the weird and disgusting as well. Imagine bugs, innards and everything else in between. Eeeww!

But don’t be put off! Anthony Bourdain’s show ‘No Reservations’ is actually a really interesting show and at times it can make your mouth water. His humour and blunt language let you know what the food is really about, so there’s none of that pretensions chef talk. Hallelujah!

And just this week I’ve been to Brazil and had a cocktail on Copacabana beach, celebrated Ramadan in Turkey with the worlds best taxi driver and had the best of Finland’s home cooked meals with a drunk granny! Oh and then there was the episode where he came to Australia in the early 2000s, which features a very young looking Matt Preston. I learnt more about Melbourne in that episode and am eager to try a couple of the restaurants mentioned.

My favourite episode by far has been the one about Turkey. I’ve discovered recently that the Mediterranean foods are the ones I love and Turkey is full of these beautiful flavours. Yum! I’m getting hungry just thinking about the shawarma and the Turkish breakfast.

Actually, it is getting close to dinner time so I think I’d better go get dinner ready, but while I’m away why don’t you check out this episode of Anthony Bourdain inTurkey.

So, what’d you think? Do you love it as much as I do? 

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