What Do I Do With Avocados?

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The debate rages around us every day:  eat low fat or eat low carb? The world seems set upon eating low fat and the poor old avocado seems to have been pushed aside in the debate. The creaminess of the ripe flesh and the vibrant colours tend themselves towards the elite as it’s now become the food of fancy restaurants and elegant cafés.
When did you last eat an avocado? Did you pass it up because it was too full of fat?
It’s a pity that avocados don’t come with nutritional guidelines on the packet, because if they did you would realise that despite its high fat content, it’s actually high in the good fats and has many vitamins that your body needs – unlike the packet of so called ‘healthy’ soy chips which are covered in oil and have no vitamins left at all. Avocados are high in HDL, the good fats, which help to lower cholesterol.
I’ve also heard numerous stories of people trying to gain weight eating avocados and they were unsuccessful, i.e. lost weight instead. Now that’s something worth investigating as well.
Perhaps you’ll take a second look at the avocado this week because you’ve read this post and have changed your mindset. Or maybe you don’t know what to do with an avocado and this week you’ll pick one up because now you’ll have a few ideas on what to do with it.
Here are a few of the ways in which I enjoy avocados:
Vegemite and avocado on toast
Spread vegemite onto your toast and top it with mashed avocado. Alternatively you can slice the

avocado but I love the softness of the mash mixed with the salty vegemite. Don’t be put off by the combination. Give it a go, as it’s a great way to start a work day, and its simple and takes seconds to make before you rush out the door.

My brekky burrito toasted to perfection.
Getting more vegetables into your day is important, and it’s easy to do that starting from breakfast when you try this weekend breakfast. Instead of the usual scrambled eggs with toast, swap the toast for a burrito and pack it with wilted spinach, sliced tomato, sliced avocado, eggs and even some cheese or cooked mushrooms if you like them. Roll up the brekky burrito and toast it gently for a minute or two in your sandwich press and serve it warm. This one is guaranteed to fill you up way past lunch!
Haloumi sandwich


Another great weekend breakfast is to have the eggs, toast or English muffin, sliced avocado, roasted big breakfast from a café.

tomatoes, cooked mushrooms and a homemade hash brown spread out on a plate like a

My husband loves my
haloumi sandwhiches
Use a lightly toasted Turkish roll or croissant and layer on the cheese, tomato slices, avocado slices (or mash it and use it like butter instead), a fried egg and some grilled haloumi. This is a fantastic Sunday brunch, and its just not the same without the avocado. Careful though, you might have trouble fitting the whole thing in your mouth! I usually make 2 open sandwiches instead of closing it up with a lid and a bottom. Makes it easier to eat.
Open sandwiches
Avocados can be added to almost any salad you feel like making, or are putting together with the ingredients you have on hand. For instance, there is my feta, lentil and beetroot salad that also has chunks of avocado in it. I wrote about this salad in a recent post on salads. Any of the salads I wrote about could have included an avocado, especially the red and green salad at the bottom of the page.
Homemade guacamole
Avocado dip, known as guacamole, could be used as a lunch as well. Make guacamole by mashing avocados with some sour cream and lemon juice and spread it on crackers with cheese and slices of fresh tomato for a light lunch. Add it to a plate of nachos with refried beans, salsa, cheese, corn chips and sour cream and add beans or mince for a heartier meal.
Avocados also go well with prawns in a cocktail. You might use this as a light lunch, or as a starter for dinner. It’s really up to you, but here’s a recipe to get you started on this one as I’m afraid I just haven’t tried a prawn cocktail as yet.
There’s even avocado soup. Not sure I’m ready to try avocado soup, but it might just be the one thing that makes you love avocados so I’m not going to stop you from finding the one recipe you just love. Here’s one I found.
Chicken burritos
Mexican is the first thing that comes to mind when using avocados for dinner. Add avocado to burritos, tacos or fajitas along with chopped up tomato, grated cheese and beans or beef or chicken or a combination of them. Burritos use the large tortillas, tacos use the small soft tortillas or the crispy corn ones and fajitas use either but are usually made with sliced meat not the mince like in the burritos and tacos. There is also a fish taco called a baja taco.
Quesadillas(pronounced kay-sa-di-aas) are really easy to make as well. On top of a tortilla place beans, tomatoes, avocado, corn and lots of grated cheese along with some Mexican spiced chicken. Lay another tortilla over the top. In a dry frypan (means don’t use any oil) fry the quesadilla with a plate or two on top. Occasionally press the plate down so the two tortillas are only a few centimetres apart. To turn the quesadilla over, slide the quesadilla from the frypan to a plate, then put another plate on top of this. Firmly pressing both plates together, quickly turn the plates over so the bottom tortilla is now on top. Slide it carefully back into the dry frypan and replace the plates on top. Be careful not to burn the quesadilla so regularly check the bottom is turning golden and don’t let it progress to black. You just want the filling warm, the cheese melted and the tortillas toasted.
My own homemade quiche
If Mexican isn’t your thing (though I’m not sure how it can’t be! It’s so yum!), then try using sliced avocado in frittatas or quiches. The only difference between a quiche and a frittata is that while both are made from an egg mix, the quiche has a pastry base and the frittatas don’t. With quiches and frittatas there really isn’t any limits to what you can add to the egg mix. Use avocadoes, asparagus and roasted cheery tomatoes for something more gourmet, or just throw in last night’s left over veg and add a herb or two to make it into its own meal.
Now that I’ve given you some ideas, how do you use your avocados? Or let me know which meal you tried out and how it went.


¡Buen provecho!

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  1. I'm getting hungrier and hungrier as I read this post and drool over the pictures! Never thought of putting vegemite and avocado on toast…will try it out for brekky tomorrow 🙂

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