What Do I Do with Greek Yoghurt

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Greek yogurt is an amazingly versatile ingredient – you can do almost anything with it! Have it with breakfast, lunch or dinner or try it as part of a snack. How many other products can you think of that can be used at every meal?

Greek yoghurt is a little different to other yoghurts because it is strained a little longer which creates a creamier texture and taste. Because it is slightly thicker it’s great for use in many meals, although you can still thin it down and use it as a dressing too.

You can usually find 2 types of Greek yogurt at the supermarket: plain or flavoured. The plain variety is great for using in cooking whereas the flavoured version is good for eating on its own. Most of the cooking options use the plain stuff, whereas the snacks or eating options use the flavoured stuff. However, if you have plain and want to add some flavour to it, try mixing in a teaspoon or two of honey, vanilla essence or maple syrup.

So, now you know about Greek yoghurt, what can you actually do with it? Read on to find out.

Breakfast ideas

Try Greek yogurt for breakfast in the following ways:

  • In a bowl with muesli and fruit (use a flavoured version if you like or the plain version mixed with honey, vanilla essence or maple syrup).
  • Put it into pancake or waffle mixes.
  • Sweeten the plain stuff with fruit pulps, purees and sauces (such as pureed mango or strawberry sauce) and serve with the pancakes, crepes or waffles.
  • Use either variety layered with fruit and muesli as a breakfast parfait.
  • Smother warm plain Greek yoghurt over spiced chickpeas a la the Middle Eastern breakfast called fatteh.
  • Dollop some on top of a mini frittata and smoked salmon.


Dinner ideas

Try Greek yoghurt in the following ways:

  • Dollop on top of spicy dishes to help cool your tongue.
  • Grate, then wring out the extra water of a cucumber (use a tea towel for best results), and add it to a couple of dollops of Greek yogurt to make Indian raita (also used on the side of spicy dishes to cool your tongue).
  • Put a dollop over the top of your soup and sprinkle with fresh herbs.
  • Make spicy marinades using Greek yoghurt as the base and slather over chicken or prawns.
  • Incorporate Greek yoghurt into sauces to go over meat and vegetables.
  • Make Greek yoghurt the base for a dressing (thin it with water or lemon juice, or add tahini).
  • Mix Greek yoghurt into pasta to make a lower fat creamy sauce.
  • Top quesadillas, burritos, tacos or enchiladas with Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream.

Snack and dessert ideas

Also try Greek yoghurt as a snack or as part of a dessert:

  • Make it into dips like tzatziki, french onion or mix with peanut butter for a dip with fruit.
  • Make cakes, cookies/biscuits or muffins that incorporate Greek yoghurt (I use a great banana cake recipe that does this, but you can even make choc chip cookies with Greek yoghurt).
  • A lower fat version of mac and cheese can be made using Greek yoghurt.
  • Use Greek yoghurt instead of mayonnaise to make an egg salad sandwich.
  • Mix Greek yoghurt into smoothies.
  • Greek yoghurt can even be used as the base for frozen yoghurt and yoghurt popsicles.
  • Key lime pie and cheesecake can be made on a Greek yoghurt base too.
  • You can even mix Greek yoghurt with icing sugar (also called powdered sugar) to make icing for a cake!

133 Recipes for using Greek Yoghurt

So now you know what you can do with Greek yoghurt you’re going to need a few recipes. I’ve conveniently found 133 recipes just for you so you can get cooking straight away. I particularly like the Indian style spicy yoghurt marinade (Whole foods), the Greek yoghurt lemon and poppyseed pound cake (Buzzfeed), the blackened chicken breast over cilantro lime quinoa (Greatist) and the fig yoghurt bundt cake (Serious Eats).

Try these websites to find great recipe ideas using Greek yoghurt:


Now you know what you can do with Greek yoghurt, are you going to go out and buy yourself a tub to try? Its a great lower fat option than cream and coconut milk in cooking, and its more versatile because you can eat it by itself.

So, what are you going to cook first? Me, I think it’ll be the Greek yoghurt with thyme walnut crumble from the Whole foods list. What about you?


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