The Past Month in Pictures

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The last two months have been a hectic time for me as I’ve gotten to know a new city. I’ve tried new vegetables, new ways of cooking old favourites, and found fresh foods at their best from the markets. I’ve had lunches and dinners out as well as coffee and cake at many places. Everything has been an adventure with all things becoming new and exciting. 

So, as I settle into my new home, here are a few of the food journeys I’ve taken over the past month:

13th April – White Carrots (!) and Radishes: Found at the South Melbourne Market, these white carrots were a treat, tasting exactly like carrots while looking like a parsnip. Really nice to try something new. I also tried radishes for the first time, and didn’t mind them at all either!

Normal orange carrots accompanied by the newly
discovered white carrots and radishes. 

Also, today was the first time that I have bought my own barramundi fillet and cooked it at home. Was really delicious, cooked fast, and was a wonderfully healthy dinner. Very pleased about the freshness of the fish and the fact it didn’t smell fishy. 

Barramundi fillet accompanied by roasted vegetables
(including the while carrots) and lettuce and radish salad.

12th April – Indian Dinner Out with Orange Rice(!): We discovered that Lygon Street is 99% Italian, and on a night when craving Indian it just wasn’t the right street to be on. However, as luck would have it, there was an Indian restaurant! The Royale Fusion restaurant had a lovely atmosphere as well as a killer Butter Chicken (just what I’d been craving). But check out the Saffron Rice! Its orange! And I mean really, really, really, really, really orange! But it was a really tasty meal. I reckon I’ll go back there again, even if just to see if the rice is just as orange next time. 

Butter chicken, Aloo Ghobi (cauliflower and potato),
Saffron Rice (the orange one!) and two types of naan bread. 

9th April – Camembert Burgers: This was a homemade disaster unfortunately. We tried to be gourmet with our home-cooked burgers and we added Camembert for something different. Was a great idea, but the Camembert was extra salty and melted all over the place. Great idea for a smaller sandwich, but I’ll pass on this one next time in a burger. You live, you experiment, and you learn. 

Homemade beef burgers with Camembert and fried egg. 

5th April – Nachos with homemade Guacamole: Out at late night shopping, splurging on clothes and shoes, and we got home late and starving. What better than a quick meal of Nachos, but homemade so I can keep an eye on the calories. I had an abundance of avocados this week and I made my own Guacamole by adding mashed avocado to a tablespoon of sour cream. So easy, I’ll even make it again. Really love the Old El Paso Refried Beans too, and soon that will become another recreation at home; can I make my own refried beans?

Yummo! Nachos! And I’m proud to say my own Guacamole. 

3rd April – Avocado and Vegemite Toast: Suggested to me in 2011 by a personal trainer, this new favourite breakfast of mine is something you will either love or hate. And I love it! Spread your toast with vegemite and then spread over mashed avocado. Yum! I find it gives me an extra boost for breakfast, and I’m not searching for food quite as soon as if I’d just had vegemite or peanut butter toast. 

Breakfast of champions – Marielle style – Vegemite and Avocado Toast

1st April – Anzac Biscuits: Okay, so I’m a few weeks early, but I needed a new snack for work as I was over dried fruit and nuts, or yoghurt. So, I decided to make a batch of Anzac biscuits, and I can tell you these were the best batch I ever made (having only ever made one other not so great batch in my life). These were chewy, sweet and had a crunch on the sides. Really great cooking by myself, if I may say so. Particularly pleased because I don’t usually cook biscuits, and stick to muffins and cakes mostly, but this has got me excited about trying to make other types of biscuits too. The best bit is, I can do it all again cause its still not Anzac day! 🙂

Homemade Anzac biscuits.

28th March – Stewed Dried Fruit: My husband was watching TV one morning a while back and saw this great camping recipe for a dessert. The chefs on the show used dried fruit and put it into a fry pan with water and brown sugar and cooked it until it was plump and juicy. We served it with vanilla yoghurt and crushed walnuts. Was a lovely dessert, and I’m looking forward to making this again and using it as a lovely warm and wintry topping for my porridge once the weather signals full winter has begun. I’m guessing it won’t be long till that happens. 

Stewed Fruit made from dried fruit. Genius!

24th March – Cheese and Fruit Platters: After the first adventure, and I do mean adventure, to South Melbourne Markets, we had stocked up on dips, cheese, fruit and bread. We were exhausted after our 3 train and 3 tram trips as we’d taken wrong turns just about everywhere as well as been thrown into disrupted timetables because of a bloody marathon, so we were starving when we finally got home. Feeling lazy but with all this new and exciting fresh produce to try, we decided an easy dinner was in order and we sampled the fruits of our labour while watching a movie on the telly. Tasted great. I really liked the Spiced Carrot dip and the dried pears. 

Cheese platters made with the contents of our trip to South Melbourne Markets.

22nd March – Laurent Patisserie: Just a few steps from my new workplace is a lovely patisserie called Laurent. They have lovely looking, and lovely tasting (as we tried them once too), sandwiches and rolls, as well as plenty of heavenly cakes, slices and pastries. As a treat my husband bought me the puff pastry pear and it was a lovely snack before we headed off on another adventure to the other side of the city. It was light and sweet, but not too sweet. I’ve developed a taste for fruit based treats rather than chocolate ones, and this one was particularly good. 

Puff pastry pear from Laurent Patisserie.

17th April – Brunetti!!!: Brunetti is a wonderful patisserie/bakery/cafe/restaurant and its going to become a definite favourite for my husband and I. We went for lunch with a friend, and as she’d grown up in the area, she knew of this great cafe. We got fantastic lunches and then followed on with dessert as you just can’t go in there without buying something sweet. They have walls of treats, designer cakes along with traditional cakes, sweets, slices, pastries and just about everything else you can think of too! My dessert, after much ruminating, was the chocolate and pear tart pictured below. My husband had a baked cheesecake, and our friend the gelato! So many choices and all fantastic! If you’re down this way, you gotta try it!

Brunetti’s Pear and Chocolate Tart.
Brunetti’s Baked Cheesecake.

I hope you enjoyed the past month as much as I did, and I hope I’ve managed to make a few mouths water with these yummy meals. 

Bon appetite! 

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