The Best Bits of 2013

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Happy New Year!
Before I get excited about the New Year and get into a million new and wonderous discussions about food, cooking, the kitchen or the eating revolution, I’m going to take a few minutes and look back at the best parts of 2013. Please share your thoughts with me in the comments. Thank you!

We started the year with mad dashes to Sydney and stopped at our favourite Lebanese restaurant Al Aseel. We also had breakfast at the Terrace Cafe at the War Memorial in Canberra too after we bought a voucher on Groupon.
Cheese sambousek from Al Aseel

A whirlwind trip to Melbourne caused us to eat homemade samosas for 3 days and we haven’t touched them since (read the post here). February also includes my birthday and the delights of the Hyatt Hotel afternoon tea beckoned.
Chocolate caramel slice from the Hyatt Canberra
Brunetti’s! We were taken to Brunetti in Melbourne by a friend and it started an ongoing love affair. I also discovered the delights of the farmers’ markets and made some pretty awesome cheese platters.
Cheese platters with farmers market produce
Brunetti’s chocolate and
pear tart

The weather turned colder and I cooked lasagne and a casserole which I turned into a pie (read post here). I also made Anzac biscuits for the first time. I’d never made biscuits before that so I’ve learnt a new skill (and one I’ve practised a few times over the course of the year).
Anzac bisciuts
In May I made mini Shepherd’s Pies in an attempt to have some emergency food in the fridge for those nights I just didn’t want to cook. But the only tins I had of the right size were teddy bears! But aren’t they cute?
Teddy bear shepherd’s pies

We had a lovely fancy dinner out at the Langham Hotel’s restaurant called Melba’s. It has a fantastic buffet with chefs preparing delights in front of your eyes. Wow!
This was my soup month. I made 3 different versions of pumpkin soup, minestrone soup, chicken and barley soup, chicken and vegetable soup and potato and leek soup.
Pumpkin soup with a touch of style, don’t you think?

The chocolate factory! Nothing else needs be said (see post here).
A trip to Sydney and we were exploring Darling Harbour for somewhere to eat when we found Zaffron. It’s an amazing Indian restaurant and I loved the food soooooo much. It’s made Indian a new favourite cuisine for me.

Some sort of amazing potato entree. So yum!
Tea soaked raisin friands and salmon kebabs. I took to the food blogging websites with relish and came up trumps on these delights.
Tea soaked raisins thanks to Gary Mehigan and Masterchef

Salmon kebabs from 
We went strawberry picking! It was such a great experience. I’ve never done it before and it developed in me a renewed love for strawberries. We had strawberry sorbet, strawberries on porridge, chocolate dipped strawberries and just snacked on them by themselves too.
We took them all home, hand picked by us.

It was a friends’ birthday and I unleashed the creativity with this awesome white and milk chocolate cake, which I made after this hazelnut meringue chocolate cake for a relative’s birthday. I didn’t realise I had eaten so much cake, but hey, it was the festive season!
Chocolate cake made and decorated by me!

Hazelnut chocolate meringue cake. Can you say awesome?!

Thanks for being there with me this past year. I hope your food adventures were just as exciting as mine and continue to be now we’re in 2014!

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