Simple recipes: A collection of 2-5 ingredient recipes

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Whether you’re learning to cook, or just want something fast and easy, it’s always simplest to go for recipes with fewer ingredients. But don’t be fooled into thinking recipes with fewer recipes will be less tasty, as many simple meals are actually full of flavour, or are more interesting than meals with many specialist ingredients.

Sometimes recipes with fewer ingredients can be quite complicated because you need to do many things with the same ingredient – this is definitely the Masterchef approach. I’ve left these kind of recipes out and focused instead on recipes that only need a few skills because they’re better suited to new cooks or mid-week meals.

Simple recipes can be budget friendly as well as often the ingredients are common ingredients that everyone can buy like eggs, cream and meat you’d already be using. I love using a bit of creative genius as well so the collection of recipes I’ve put together for you are not only budget conscious but interesting and unusual ways of creating the every day basics – so there is a little bit of bias towards cakes and desserts in the 2-3 ingredient categories, but don’t let that stop you from making them.

Bookmark this page as you’ll want to come back here often to try out more of the recipes – I know I will!

Happy cooking! 


The Recipe Collection


  • Really simple Ice cream and then there’s Gemma’s extra flavours, and then her holiday favourites too – this is genius! I think Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking might be a new favourite for me too.
  • Matt Preston did banana ice cream which I adapted for the mango sorbet below (just add juice to taste make it a little sweeter).
  • Lemon tarts – these are simple and delicious and an easy way to impress visitors with your newly acquired cooking skills
  • Sweet potato chips – these are crazy easy, and you can use any other vegetable or seasoning you like (Tip: chicken stock powder and paprika make an easy barbecue flavoured seasoning for chips).

    2 ingredient Mango Sorbet – frozen mangoes and juice.


  • 3 ingredient Japanese soufflé cake – I’d never heard of Japanese souffle cake until a friend showed me this recipe, but its a simple cake with few ingredients. The hardest part of this recipe is remembering to lower the over temperature while it cooks.
  • Avocado breakfast bake – for something a little different try this avocado breakfast bake. I reckon this would also be fantastic as a side to a bigger brunch and would certainly bring the wow factor if you’ve got friends over for brunch.
  • Mini croissants – who wouldn’t want to try making chocolate croissants? I reckon you could swap the chocolate chips for marzipan chunks and have your own homemade almond croissants too if you adapted this recipe and added some flaked almonds on top. Yum!
  • Sun-dried tomato chicken – I love the simplicity of this recipe. Serve it with a fresh salad to help balance out the richness of the creamy sauce. (Tip: Use the oil the sun-dried tomatoes come packaged in for more flavour instead of the olive oil).
  • Kaffir chicken kebabs – these are the easiest kebabs ever, and you can easily add some variety by mixing up the flavours and vegetables that you add to your kebabs. Think colour, think summer, and think an easy meal.
With the recipe above making your own croissants is a breeze.


  • Date, almond and coconut balls – these are super yummy and take minutes to make. I’ve tried making these with almond meal and also using roasted almonds ground into chunky pieces and either way was totally yum. It just depends whether you want some texture or not. You can change the almonds for another nut if you don’t like them – in fact this recipe would be even better with caramelised walnuts or pecans or even salted pistachios.
  • Baked chicken with tomato and pesto – meals where you can throw everything into one pan and chuck it in the oven are ideal for busy nights at home (when you have a million chores to complete but still want a nutritious dinner).
  • Roast beef – making a roast can sound complicated but really its not that hard at all. This recipe for roast beef can be adjusted to suit your own tastes by adding in extra spices. Try garlic and rosemary, or cumin seeds and oregano or smear it with Dijon mustard.
  • Avocado, spinach and walnut salad – if you make this salad to go with the sun-dried tomato chicken recipe above then you’ll have a whole meal for only 7 ingredients.
  • Greek style lamb wraps – if you buy a premade salad and throw it in the wraps with the lamb and tzatziki then you have a very simple lunch or dinner. Why not make them a share plate and have everyone make their own?
4 ingredient date, almond and coconut balls.


  • Caramel sauce – need an accompaniment to that yummy ice cream you made earlier using the 2 ingredient recipe? Try this caramel sauce recipe.
  • Roasted chicken – you can make any pairing of flavours using this method but perfect this recipe first before branching out and becoming more adventurous.
  • Salmon with cheesy crunch crust – its a different take on salmon, but one that gives you something interesting to eat when you know you need to get your Omega-3s.
  • Mustard stuffed chicken – For something a little showy you can make these chicken fillets wrapped in bacon and still get away with a simple recipe. Your friends will never know!
  • Spicy lamb with chickpeas – this one is a heartier winter meal, and served with rice or couscous it makes the perfect comfort food for a cold day. You could even add extra veggies to bulk it out a little so you can have plenty of leftovers
Roast chicken or beef doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think.

Why do you like simple recipes? And what other simple recipes do you use? Share your links in the comments.

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