Need some simple recipe ideas? Try these treats and snacks

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Simple pleasures are the delights you look froward to. It’s the head on the pillow after an exhausting day. It’s the cuddles of a loved one, or reading a book next to an open fire.

It’s the comfort food of the kitchen. It’s the spoon of Nutella on a bad day, and it’s licking the cake batter off the spoon.

Simple pleasures are the things you love to eat. They can be healthy and simple, full of calories and delicious, or just your favourite combination of foods. They are quick and easy and full of flavour.

Simple pleasures are the food memories shared with a mother, a lover or a grandmother. It’s the messy fun you had with a sibling, and the delight of baking with your children.

Simple pleasures are simply the things we love to eat on good days and bad, and the memories we treasure at the end of a good life.

Simple pleasures are the delights, treats, flavour combinations and savoury foods we all love to eat. Check out the below list to find some ideas for putting more simple pleasures into your life.

Simple Delights

  • Spicy chai tea and toasted banana bread.
  • Buttered popcorn and a movie.
  • Freshly baked bread with butter.
  • Really rich and moist chocolate cake.
  • A decadent lemon tart.
  • Grandma’s sponge cake covered in strawberries and icing sugar (below).
Grandma’s sponge cake

Simple Flavours


  • Apple and cinnamon: baked apples, apple crumble, Apple Danish.
  • Fresh strawberries: freshly picked and eaten by themselves, over ice cream, mixed into a fruit salad or dunked in chocolate.
  • Tomato and basil: homemade bruschetta, napoletana sauce with your favourite pasta, or margherita pizza.
  • Banana and honey: homemade ice cream, a breakfast smoothie or a huge banana split all to yourself.
  • Chilli and lime: over chicken or prawns or in pad thai.
  • Garlic, olive oil and lemon juice: over meat and fish or as a basic salad dressing.
Baked apple with cinnamon and sultanas.

Simple Homemade Delights

Banana bread

Simple homemade savoury treats:

Baked eggs

Question: What are your simple pleasures? What makes you treasure the memories of food made with a friend or the family? What pleasures can’t you live without?


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