Pear and Vanilla Scones

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Pear and vanilla.
It’s an amazing combination.
Have you tried it as jam?
The gooey pear and sweet vanilla jam glide over the rustic and crumbly scone. The feel of this sweet goodness as it tickles the tongue, topped with the rich silkiness of the double cream.
It creates an almost magical interlude to my otherwise dreary day.
Scones in and of themselves can transport you back to childhood. Well, actually my childhood days of scones were limited. My dear sweet Grandmother was not a chef, nor a cook, nor much of anything in the kitchen. True, she was already in her 60s when I was born, however I have heard she was never much of a cook.
Scones like Nana made just weren’t a part of the hazy days of summer for me. So, how did I suddenly fathom a delight for such a creamy treat? Who knows but I’m not giving them up and you can’t make me (insert childish poking out of tongue here). I love my sweets and the mix of bread, jam and cream are a match made in heaven for me.

However, should you be walking down the cobble-stoned streets of The Rocks in Sydney, especially on those joyful weekends where the sights and sounds astound you as the markets come to life along George St, take a delightful moment to indulge in the delicious scones of yesteryear and the amazing jammy delights of the homemade preserves at The Tea Cosy Cafe. Strangely enough, it’s at the back of the Irish shop and you can enjoy the hearty, earthy music of the Irish as you sip your Madagascan vanilla tea and enjoy those pear and vanilla smothered scones.

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