New Zealand Food – The Extra Photos

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On our recent trip to New Zealand we found some great places to eat and some really yummy dishes. In my previous post I explained all about the places, and in this post I’m gving you a bonus by including all the extra photos of the great places and dishes. We really loved our trip to New Zealand, and I hope the photos inspire you to take a look at New Zealand yourself.



Delissio Cafe – Auckland
We loved this little arcade cafe, visiting it twice.
The lunch options on display at Delissio.


What you see is basically the entire cafe. You sit outside the shop in the arcade.
Its an older arcade with history and interest so its a nice place to while away the time.


The delicious omelette my hubby ordered on our second visit.
The yummy blueberry and banana porridge. I love porridge!
Capers Eipcurean Cafe – Rotorua
Rotorua was definately the highlight of our trip and we loved the dinner we had there.


My vegetarian cannelloni was yummy but I think my hubby’s lamb cutlets were the dish of the night.


Fat Dog Cafe – Rotorua


Gotta love the napkins, huh?
My table ‘number’. Pretty cool idea if you ask me!
Skyline Buffet – Rotorua


Green lipped New Zealand muscles were a favourite for my hubby but I preferred the pavlova.
It was the best pavlova I’ve ever had!


The hot dish area. A few minutes after I took the shot a couple of chefs came out to serve us.
The reception for the buffet is at the top of the mountain where its much cooler,
both in temperature and decor.
Crepes – Wellington
This was the French guy who served us. He was chatting to us as he made our crepes
and we heard most of his life story. 🙂


The Library – Wellington


There really was wall to wall bookshelves. Every wall!


Ortolana – Auckland



The was our fantastic entree, and something I want to replicate at home:
Mozzarella with apple, fresh thyme and olive oil.




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