Melbourne: The City of Food

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On a simple Saturday stroll around Melbourne recently I suddenly realised how much food is actually around me in this awesome city. You’ve got the Queen Victoria Market, which has amazing bread and cheeses, great prices on fish and I just discovered a fantastic spice place with amazing value, and that’s just the start of this Melbourne adventure into food.
I’ve heard Melbourne described as a foodies heaven.
They’re probably right.
There’s so many places to go, so many things to see and so many wonderful delicacies to try. So, why aren’t you here already???
Okay, I see. You need some enticement.
You’ve come to the right place my friend.
Retrace my steps with me and I’ll show you the wonders of this Melbourne adventure. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll share with you the photos I took and you can make the words yourself.
A warning though: please, no drooling on the computer.  🙂
Cupcakes on Little Collins

Top: Red Velvet
Bottom: Vanilla Chocolate
Totally yum!
Puffer fish on Flinders Street
How cool are these puffer fish cakes?
I want one!
Sandwiches at Southgate

There are stores everywhere with lots and lots
of interesting and unusual sandwich combinations.
Bakery on Flinders Street
These combinations were amazing to look at
and I’m sure they would be amazing to eat. 
Hopetoun Tea Rooms
Hopetoun Tea Rooms are raved about down here
and you have to wait in line to get a table.

How amazing do all these sweets look?

There has to be a cake here for every craving.
Meat at a Popular Restaurant in Southgate
This is the entry to a popular restaurant. It is pile upon pile of meat.
As a vegetarian I was “ew, yuck!” but my husband loved it.

And now you’ve seen the delights I’ve seen, you’ll have to come and experience them all with me, because I haven’t tasted any of these delicious treats yet either. But you can be sure that I’ll post those experiences when I do get the chance to go back and try them all!
And leave me a comment to tell me when you’re dropping by! 🙂 

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