Lunch box ideas for work and school

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For some unknown reason lunch just happens to be my least favourite meal, so I am always stuck wondering what to make for it. And on top of that, I need to prepare my lunch the night before so I can take it to work and I really don’t feel like thinking about lunch after dinner when I’ve just eaten.

Even on the days I don’t take lunch with me to work, I seem to wander around the shops aimlessly not really knowing what to get. I feel like its not really worth the money to get a salad, and the sandwiches have usually been made hours before so aren’t very apetising. So I get stuck and get something thats either really bad for me, or I just end up with my default chicken burrito from Guzman and Gomez (which I loooooove just by the way).

So, if you have the same trouble as me, then today you’re in luck because I’ve found some really great lunch inspiration. I was looking around YouTube last night and found some great ideas. I like the vegan ideas as well because it gives you a break from meat and also helps you save money. Sometimes its also a lighter food option if you’re not really interested in a heavy lunch.

I hope you find some good ideas here. I know I have. This weeks’ lunches are going to be much more colourful and way more planned out than usual! Enjoy!


Idea 1 – Wraps


Idea 2 – Dippy lunches



Idea 3 – Take to work lunches



Idea 4 – Vegan lunch ideas





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