How to utilise YouTube to boost your cooking knowledge

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Some of the best meals and cooking ideas I’ve seen have come from watching videos on YouTube. While YouTube might not be your first source of inspiration when you think about recipes and cooking, it definitely is an excellent place to gather information on any topic. In particular to cooking I have drawn inspiration from YouTube in relation to:

  • Recipes
  • Techniques
  • Tips
  • and new ways of doing things I already know how to do (like cutting an avocado differently or using a different minestrone recipe).

One of the greatest benefits to using YouTube is that you can get an almost instant answer to any cooking problem or issue you might have. It’s nice to read blogs and websites, but sometimes you need an answer when you’re in the middle of cooking. The best cooks and chefs are so good at what they do because they are able to make sudden changes to their meals as they cook, so by watching YouTube videos you can instantly develop this knowledge as well.

I learnt to clean and chop a chicken using YouTube

New cooking techniques

YouTube is particularly good at helping you learn new techniques because there are so many “How to” videos. In one simple search on Youtube I discovered videos on how to cook steak, cook a roast chicken, make a chocolate cake and chop an onion.

This might help you in the middle of cooking but videos like how to break down a chicken, how to clean and chop leeks or an artichoke, and how to cook perfectly fluffy rice might be more useful mid

Do a bit of a YouTube search now and look for some “how to” videos on cooking topics you know you need help with. Try Gordon Ramsay’s cooking basics and go from there.


Recipe Inspiration

YouTube is also great for finding new recipes because you can actually see the person cooking the recipe so you can watch how its done. In this way its a bit like watching TV cooking shows, but instead of watching the professionals you can watch everyday home cooks like yourself so you can get an idea of how other people cook at home. And you can press pause when you need to – it’s an added bonus!

It is really valuable watching everyday people cooking because it gives you a better idea of what real people can do without the glossy magazine photos or the professional chopping skills that put us to shame.

Most of us won’t end up as celebrity chefs but while you can draw inspiration from them, real life cooks are the ones who will show you what its’ really like in the family kitchen. If you think about it, watching people make a recipe via a YouTube video is really just the modern day version of learning from your mother or grandmother.

So to help you find some new recipes on YouTube start with some of these YouTube channels:
Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube.
Bigger Bolder Baking by Gemma Hall.
Very Easy Recipes (check out the tuna stuffed peach salad).
Allrecipes (check out the quick chilli recipe).
Cook ‘n’ Share (check out the mini beef pies).
Homemade Recipes Channel (try the scallops with strawberry relish).

And if YouTube isn’t really your thing, or you want some extra tips, most of these YouTubers also have Twitter accounts too. And don’t forget that Spiced Anecdotes is on Twitter too @SpicedAnecdotes.

Who knows, one day Spiced Anecdotes might have a YouTube channel too. But in the meantime, which YouTube videos have you seen that really helped improve your cooking skills? Leave a comment so we can all watch them. I shared mine so it’s only fair you share one with me too.


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