How to create a cleaning schedule

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Photo “Summer backstreet cleanup with neighbours” courtesy of Claude Precourt via you like an immaculately clean kitchen? Wouldn’t it be great if that were a give away? I’d sign up to anything to get other people to clean my kitchen.

But alas, sometimes we’ve got to do it ourselves.

But we can dream, right?

So in the interests of making some order out of our chaos, I’m going to explain the simplest and easiest way to clean your kitchen that doesn’t involve someone else doing it for you.

The answer: a cleaning schedule.

Why do you need a cleaning schedule?

I know, I know. It wasn’t quite the answer you were after, but it’s actually the most brainless and painless way to get everything done. And when you’re really good at it you’ll slash your cleaning time in half!

So, hands up the procrastinators out there? Yep, my hand is up too. I used to leave all the cleaning for “later”, which just meant I had a huge mess to clean up whenever “later” was. I sent a photo of myself to a friend once and she thought I’d lost a bet and had to do all the cleaning – when in reality it was supposed to be a shot showing my new haircut! I’d stupidly taken the shot in the kitchen and I became really embarrassed about that photo afterwards.

In order to not end up like me, how about you avoid the embarrassment and make your own cleaning schedule. Read on to learn the basic parts.

What is a cleaning schedule?

Basically a cleaning schedule is just a list of cleaning tasks and the times you’re going to do them. It doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t have to stick slavishly to it.

It’s also a great way to get family members engaged in cleaning tasks – which really means you can delegate work to others! Bonus!

But before we go any further though, if you don’t know how to clean the things you need to clean check out this, this and this post. Don’t make life harder for yourself. Just learn the proper techniques and things will be much easier (and you won’t let them pile up so much).

How do I make a cleaning schedule?

Step 1:

Start by writing down everything you think you might need to ever clean. Do a really big brainstorm and include all the little jobs like dusting under the fridge and cleaning out the inside of cupboards. Basically, go nuts!

Step 2:

But then reign it in, because you need to now categorise everything you’ve just written down. Do this in 2 ways: categorise your list into cleaning jo’s around the same area (such as fridge cleaning, wiping over the fridge and dusting under the fridge are all jobs in the fridge area).

The categorise the jobs with those that need doing daily, weekly, monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months and things done once a year.

Step 3:

Once you’ve done this you can put together a list of daily jobs, a list of weekly and a list of monthly jobs. These are the main lists you’ll work from.

Step 4:

In the monthly list add in the jobs you need to do every 3, 6 or 12 months but put them off to the side. The trick here is to include one of these types of jobs every time you do a monthly clean, so at the end of the year you will have covered them all off.

How do I implement my cleaning schedule?

From here it’s a simple matter of putting the list somewhere you’ll see it. The daily jobs will become second nature after a couple of weeks but the weekly and fortnightly might need so time to be remembered. For these lists a good idea would be to stick them to the front of the fridge or inside the cleaning cupboard (the one where you keep all your cleaning supplies together in one spot).

Now, you’re probably thinking these are huge lists and you’ll never get it all done in time! But it’s ok, you don’t need to start hyperventilating. I do my daily cleaning jobs in 10-15 minutes, my weekly cleaning in 1-1.5hrs and my monthly in about 2.5-3hrs (cause I do the weekly cleaning at the same time).

If you don’t have enough time to do weekly or monthly cleaning in one go just split it into 2 sessions during the week. Or allocate a few of these jobs to husbands/wives or kids (they’d love the pocket money and you’d love the spare time).

And just to reassure you, here’s what my lists look like:

Daily Weekly Monthly 3-6 Month/Yearly
Wipe over benches Wipe over/wash stove Wipe over kitchen cupboards Clean entire fridge
Clean dishes/stack dishwasher Clean splashback Clean inside cupboards Wash kitchen windows
Sweep floor after dinner Clean under fridge Dust cooking trolley Clean kitchen walls
Vacuum and mop floors Wash all tea towels  Clean cast iron stove plates
Clean sink  Clean rangehood filter  Scrub gas burners (stove)
Replace tea towels


Now, after all that, are you going to continue procrastinating and piling up the cleaning? Just think about how good it will feel to be able to just start cooking without having to wash pots and pans or having to move a huge pile of saucepans out of the way.

Wouldn’t it be such a nice feeling to have a sparkling clean kitchen/house knowing that you did it all yourself?


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