How to Cook vs What to Cook

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How to Cook vs What to Cook

Last year I talked about why I’m not like other food bloggers. This year I’m letting you know what I am about. Its all about cooking, its all about the stories and there are plenty of spices thrown in (or around) as well. And this year I’m venturing into herbs as well (but I’ll tell you more about that in an upcoming post).


I want to teach, not preach.

I want to share, not compare.

And I want to help, not hinder.

And in an effort to do more teaching, more sharing and more helping about cooking, I look at cooking from a couple of different perspectives:

  •  How to cook.

  • What to cook.

You need a solid game plan when you want to win at any sport, and in cooking that game plan is knowing the right ways to do things (how to cook) as well as knowing about foods and techniques (what to cook). You need to do a little bit of study, and you need to do some practice just like any good student. And I’ve tried to make your study pain free, a little bit fun (yes I share my disasters with you as well – like in Every Days Not a Good Day in the Kitchen) and topical (I talk about Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules a lot when new seasons are on TV).

Sometimes, I just make it a little bit tongue-in-cheek, especially when its about cleaning (and I hate cleaning up!). Check out Messy Cook Syndrome and Two Oven Trays and Some Steel Wool to see what I mean.

Lets start in the reverse order with the what to cook, then we’ll explore how to cook. After all, you need to know what it is that you want to cook before you can know how to cook it.

What to Cook

Paella is something you might like to try too.


In showing you what to cook I like to show you what I cook, give you suggestions from what others are cooking and show you ideas on how to tweak things to your own liking.

So, in more detail, I show you what to cook by:

  • Giving you recipe suggestions and links to a whole bunch of recipes from blogs and websites.
  • Giving you hints and tips on what I’ve done, and what I’ve done with different recipes.
  • Sharing restaurant reviews – professionals can give you lots of ideas so don’t be scared off.
  • Ideas that have come from restaurant meals I’ve tried and replicated or adapted at home.
  • Budget conscious suggestions – we are home cooks balancing home budgets after all.
  • Ideas for what to do with leftovers, and ways to make them more interesting too.

To see a few examples of how I show you what to cook check out these posts:

How to Cook

These are my knives, and there are 3 basic ways to use them.


How to cook is a whole other thing. It’s not about knowing the recipe, its about knowing everything else.

Learning to cook comes with a range of vocabulary, techniques and processes that often people get confused by. At Spiced Anecdotes I am to break this down for you and show you:

  • Cooking skills and hints and tips on different ingredients, spices, and combinations of foods.
  • Food knowledge about different ingredients.
  • How to do certain cooking techniques
  • Give you cleaning tips.
  • Show you some great planning and organisation tips and hacks.
  • Explain how to improve upon the skills you have and when/what you should be practicing.

Click the links below to see a few examples of the ways I show you how to cook:

So, put the kettle on and take some time to look around. There might be something here you missed before, or if you’re new to the site you might find something that’s just what you’re looking for.

If you don’t find something you’re after, tell me what is it that you really want to know how to cook and I’ll do my best to help you out. Let me know via Twitter, Facebook or via email.

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