Holiday Helper 6 – Snack ideas to help you these holidays

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This is part 6 of the Holiday Helper series I’ve been writing throughout December to help you prepare and plan for the season’s parties, or to help you with recipe ideas for drinks, BBQ foods and now today we’re onto snacks. If you’ve missed the other Holiday Helper posts don’t worry, they’re all here. And they’re not written purely for Christmas, you can use any of the ideas in my Holiday Helper series to help you with parties for other occasions too.

In today’s post I’ve gathered together plenty of snack recipes – whether you need a fancy canape, a sweet treat, or you want a lazy way of making snacks, it’s all here. Take a look at the recipe ideas below and share this post around with all your friends and family if you’ve found it useful.


Canapes are usually little snacks that have been carefully put together to look nice. They’re the kind of thing you might see at a fancy party where you get bite size pieces of various ingredients. They can be intricate to make, but they don’t need to be. Below I’ve found some recipes for canapes that won’t break the bank, or have you stuck in the kitchen for hours before the big event.

Classic Dips

Make a few dips to eat with a selection of raw veggies or crackers of various types. Here’s a selection of dips from Jamie Oliver recipes:


Lazy man snacks

Here are some really simple to make recipe ideas for parties or just every day snacks:

Snacks that require a little more time

Sometimes you’ve got plenty of time before a party so you can spend the time on  more complicated recipe. Other times you might want to make something the day ahead. Whichever it is, below are some recipes that take more time to make, but that are great snacks at parties or just to eat with friends for afternoon tea.

Sweet snacks

Here are some sweet snacks that can be used as Christmas and New Year treats, or use them for birthday parties and picnics in the park. They’ll all taste delicious anyway!
Try the Kris Kringle slice.

Quick BBQ snacks

Toss these recipes on the BBQ and serve them hot so everyone can grab as many as they like. These are the kinds of recipes that are easy to triple when you’ve got a big gathering. If you need some BBQing tips, check out the Holiday Helper 5 post.

Other Snack Ideas

And here’s a list of ideas that just didn’t fit into the other categories but that I really wanted to share with you.

Hopefully there is a snack or finger food here that you’d love to try making these holidays. Maybe you’ll make them for the family, or at a new years eve bash for friends. Whatever you do make, enjoy the hard work, but make sure you take the time to relax and talk with guests as well (we don’t want you in the kitchen all night!).

Happy holidays everyone!!

Question: Which kind of party snack can’t you get enough of these holidays?


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