Grand Trailer Park Burger Joint – Melbourne CBD

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IMG_3765 (1)It’s like there’s been an explosion of burger joints recently in Melbourne! Have you noticed? There seems to be another one popping up each day. I suspect they might be replacing pizza places, but that’s just my hunch.

So, how are you going to know which burger joints are the ones worth your hard earned cash? Thankfully for you, you have bloggers out there like me trying the food and reporting back the best finds. Sometimes I really love my job! 🙂

Recently my hubby and I tried the Grand Trailer Park hidden away upstairs on the corner of Exhibition and Bourke Sts in Melbourne. I can’t believe how many places are hidden in Melbourne, can you? And this particular place just happens to have the most amazing decor of any burger joint I’ve been to yet.

It looks exactly like a caravan park from the 50s, complete with caravans, picnic tables and toilets decked out to look like a wooden building erected in the middle of the park. I couldn’t believe it when I stepped in the door, it’s just so cool!

My second thought was ‘how did they get the caravans upstairs?’, which was followed by a half hour of trying to figure out if the caravans were real but converted into tables or whether they were just benches made to look like caravans. I couldn’t decide which it was, so you’ll just have to go there and make up your mind for yourself.

There’s a bar along one side and several caravans dotted around the sitting area, with a gazebo or two and heaps of picnic seating in the middle of the floor. There’s also a veranda with more seating outside.

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The menu itself is not grand, but it’s exactly what you would expect of a burger joint modeled on an American trailer park – it’s full of beef and cheese burgers with fries! The burgers are named after famous Americans, even including the ever popular Francis Underwood of House of Cards fame.

Speaking of Francis Underwood, it was his burger that we both decided to try. I wonder whether it was because we’d just binged watched a season of House of Cards, or whether it was because the Francis Underwood burger included the Mac and cheese patty? I think for me, it was the Mac and cheese patty because I just wanted to know what the hell it was.

It was good but weird all at the same time. I liked the patty, even though it was deep fried, but thought it was strange getting pasta on a burger. What do you think about pasta on a burger?

By the way, this is not a low fat option at all, as the burgers are full of meat, deep fried mac and cheese patties and gooey cheese. And the fries come covered with more gooey cheese and gravy! Weight watchers beware!

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The only negative I have to say about the whole place was the fact that there is only one vegetarian option and it’s a mushroom patty. I personally can’t stand mushrooms and love to get the vegetarian option but had to choose a meat option at the Grand Trailer Park, so I wouldn’t recommend taking a group of vegetarians to this burger joint. **Update on 2/06/2016 – I went back today and the mushroom patty was gone, replaced with a chickpea patty, which was really delicious. I would definitely take a vegetarian friend now. 🙂

The burger was great and to be honest it filled me up for hours afterwards – probably because of all the protein. I actually didn’t have dinner that night, but I think that was mostly cause I had a late lunch. I did feel a little greasy after the meal so I’d highly recommend getting a nice cool drink with your burger, like the lemonade hubby and I shared, but they do have a bar if you’re so inclined.

All in all I had a great time at the Grand Trailer Park and I’d recommend it to everyone. The decor is unusual and quite funky so it’s fun just to go and soak up the atmosphere. The burgers are good and the presentation only adds to the feel of being at a caravan park – yet you’re located right in the middle of Melbourne!

Next time you’re in Melbourne and craving lunch try the Grand Trailer Park burger joint, and let me know what you thought of the place via Twitter @SpicedAnecdotes. Be warned though, it gets packed at lunch time.

But for the comments, tell me about your best burger experience. Where were you? What happened? And why was it so awesome?


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