The most versatile dish ever? Fritters!

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Fritters are the perfect meal because you can eat them at any time of day or use any ingredient:

  • Have them for breakfast and serve them with smoked salmon,  bacon or beans.
  • Make them for lunch with a salad or soup.
  • Have them for dinner with some sliced beef or a piece of chicken.
  • Have them as an afternoon snack smeared with hummus or dunk them in some plain Greek yoghurt.
  • Or even have them for dessert as a sweet fritter like apple or pineapple fritters with icing sugar (powdered sugar) and ice cream.

How do I make fritters?

Its very easy to make fritters.

Step 1: Just chop into 1cm cubes or grate the ingredients (meat, vegetables, cheese, etc). The smaller you cut them the faster they cook.

Step 2: Soften the ingredients if necessary (harder vegetables or meat need pre-cooking) in the microwave, by frying them or cooking in the oven (its ideal to use leftover roast meats for fritters). Let the cooked ingredients cool before going to step 4 (especially if you’re using eggs – you don’t want scrambled eggs!).

Step 3: Mix together flour and water/soda or whisk some eggs together to make the batter. Sometimes times it’s best to mix the yolks only and whip the egg whites separately until they make firm white peaks (you’ll have lighter fritters if you separate out the whites from the yolks). Depending on the recipe you might also use a mix of both flour and egg.

Step 4: Mix the ingredients into the batter and fry into small sized discs in a hot fry pan with a small amount of oil.

Optional extras: Add in some herbs or spices or change the type of cheese you use. Feta will give you a salty flavour but bocconcini will become gooey when warm. Experiment with your favourite ingredients in different combinations for the best fritters for you.

Extra info: Some fritters are based on eggs and you’ll need to separate your eggs so you can whip the whites until light and fluffy. Then you fold in your yolks and vegetables. Others are egg based but don’t need separating. In this video Curtis Stone demonstrates easy egg fritters.

Other fritter recipes are based on flour, so you make a batter with water or soda (sparkling mineral water) instead. In this video Gordon Ramsay makes flour based fritters.

There’s 2 types of fritters?

There are two types of fritters: Sweet vs savoury.

Savoury fritters are usually cooked as round blobs that make flat disks when cooked. They’re usually lightly fried, or cooked in a pan without too much oil.

Sweet fritters are usually pieces of fruit dunked in batter and deep fried in plenty of oil. You’ll need to drain these on paper towel before serving them. And watch out cause the fruit filling can get pretty hot!


Why should I make fritters?

To start with fritters are an awesome budget meal cause they’re cheap to make, but are also budget conscious because they help you to use up any leftovers.

You can make them savoury (like most recipes do) or sweeten them up with some fruit. So you can really use just about anything in them, making them a really versatile meal.

There’s also no limits on when to eat them, and you can double or triple the mix easily if you wants if them. They make a simple finger food for a party, especially if you make the disks small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

If you are entertaining then you can use the fritter as a base for something else like cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers. And don’t forget they’re gluten free if you make egg based fritters and not the flour ones.

Where should I start?

Try these fritter recipes to get you started:

Which fritters are you going to make first? What other types of fritters do you make?

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