Food Trivia – Are you an expert?

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How about a quiz?

We’ve been going along with a lot of information recently, so I’m going to lighten things up a bit today.

Quiz instructions:

Answer each question and don’t scroll to the bottom to cheat! Once you’ve answered all the questions tally your answers based on the answers and the following marking guide.


Round 1 questions are 1 point each.

Round 2 questions are 2 points each.

Round 3 questions are 3 points each.


Will you be the ultimate food trivia expert?


Your quiz starts here!


Round 1

  1. Name the yellow spice that turns curry yellow?
  2. Raw meat can be stored on the top shelf of the fridge? True or false?
  3. What’s the name of the meat group that includes chicken, duck and turkey?
  4. Bananas are a good source of which vitamin?
  5. Can cinnamon be used in both sweet and savoury dishes? Yes or no?
  6. Should you peel a pumpkin?
  7. Does over kneading dough make it tough? Yes or no?
  8. Greek yoghurt is the same as regular yoghurt. True or false.
  9. Are rockmelons and cantaloupes the same thing? Yes or no?
  10. Can you use minced ginger in place of fresh ginger in meals? Yes or no?


Round 2

  1. What type of fruit is a nashi pear?
  2. Name 2 spices used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.
  3. Is “all spice” a single spice or a blend of spices?
  4. What’s the more common name for garbanzo beans?
  5. What is gouda?
  6. Are shallow frying and deep frying cooking methods the same thing? Yes or no?
  7. What is Harissa?
  8. Dukkah is the name of a duck dish. Yes or no?
  9. Snapper, barramundi and rockling are 3 types of what?
  10. Which vitamin/mineral are oysters supposed to be high in?


Round 3

  1. In which country did baklava originate?
  2. Name 3 varieties of apple.
  3. Besan, tapioca and semolina are all types of which ingredient?
  4. Do yeast and baking soda rise or lower the height of a cake?
  5. Name 3 types of oil.
  6. Menu planning helps you save money, but it also helps you to save what?
  7. Why are orange carrots the most common variety?
  8. The easiest way to make food taste better is to add salt. True or false?
  9. Is there more caffeine in black tea or green tea?
  10. Which part of the tree does cinnamon come from?


So, how did you go? Are you an amateur, expert or somewhere in between? Well done if you’re an expert! If you’re the amateur then stay and take a look around because you might want to brush up on some of your food knowledge. But congrats to everyone who knew at least 1 answer in each section. 



Round 1 – 1. Turmeric; 2. False; 3. Poultry; 4. Potassium; 5. Yes; 6. No, you should cut the skin off, never peel it off; 7. Yes; 8. False – it’s thicker because it’s been strained for longer; 9. Yes, they are both names for the same orange fleshed melon; 10. Yes – but some recipes are better suited to one type of ginger over the other.  

Round 2 – 1. Pear; 2. Cumin, coriander, paprika, cloves, cardamom, ginger; 3. Single – it’s the seed of a tree but just happens to taste like cloves, cassiva and cinnamon mixed together; 4. Chickpeas; 5. A type of cheese; 6. No – shallow frying is with a small amount of oil in a pan, whereas deep frying is cooking the food covered in oil; 7. It’s a type of chilli paste or sauce; 8. No – it’s a spice blend, made on crushed nuts, sesame seeds and spices and tastes great with bread dipped in oil; 9. Fish; 10. Iron, calcium, zinc and/or vitamin C.

Round 3 – 1. Greece; 2. Pink lady, fuji, green, red delicious, jazz, gala, granny smith; 3. Flour; 4. Rise; 5. Olive, extra virgin olive, avocado, sesame, sunflower, canola, walnut, vegetable, spray oil; 6. Time, energy, hassle, organisation – or any of these answers; 7. It was due to the Dutch Royal Family, who are called the House of Orange. In the 17th century orange carrots were grown by the people to support the royal family; 8. True – the salt brings out the flavour of other foods/ingredients; 9. Black tea has more caffeine than green tea. Coffee has the most caffeine and white tea has the least; 10. The bark – ground cinnamon is the bark of a tree ground down, and the quills are the bark rolled.

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