Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Toaster

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Last year I started a series of posts about kitchen equipment. So far we’ve looked at dishwashers, food processors, sandwich presses and the pressure cooker. So today I’m focusing on a smaller, simpler machine in your kitchen – the humble toaster.

It seems like a pretty easy machine to work out, right?

Toast in the top, push the handle down, and the toast pops up when done. Well, while it’s simple to use, there are a few things to keep in mind when using the toaster, so today I’ve set them out for you as a reminder.

You might have a two slice toaster, or a four slice, but either way, you do need to have a certain amount of healthy respect for the toaster, because like any other piece of cooking equipment it can get hot and you can get burnt easily if you’re not careful.


  • Do be safe around toasters.
  • Check the cable to make sure its not frayed or sitting under the toaster when the toaster is on.
  • Put the right sorts of foods into the toaster: sliced bread, split English muffins, cut bagels.
  • Empty out the crumbs at the bottom of the toaster once a week or after every time you use the toaster.
  • Do use the size toaster that fits the size slice of bread – for instance a 4 slice toaster is better for larger slices of bread such as sourdough.
  • Buy a toaster with a defrost option – it’ll save you time in the morning and means you can go straight from frozen bread to exactly-how-you-like-it toast in minutes.
  • Always check the number on the dial – especially if you share a toaster with friends, flatmates or colleagues. It’s likely someone else will have used the machine who likes really crispy toast and you won’t want your toast as crispy.
  • Be aware that different toasters heat to different temperatures, and often the same toaster will gradually get hotter the more its used – therefore your first slice might need to be on 3 on the dial, but the 5th slice can be on 2.


  • Don’t stick a knife (or anything else) into the machine to get the toast out or you’ll electrocute yourself.
  • Don’t put whole bread products in the toaster as they don’t fit in the holes or will burn if you try to squash them in.
  • Don’t use the toaster for making toasted sandwiches as melted cheese or other ingredients will burn onto the elements and could start a fire.
  • Never leave your toaster unattended.
  • Don’t touch your toast straight away, it will be really hot and you could burn your fingers.

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How do you like your toast?

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