Why dishwashing liquid is all you need to clean your kitchen

Why dishwashing liquid is all you need to clean your kitchen   All praise to the dishwashing liquid gods!! Okay, I might sound nuts, but hear me out. Dishwashing liquid actually has more uses than just cleaning dishes, though it excels at that too. In today’s post I’ve listed 10 other ways you can use Continue Reading


Simple ways to save water in the kitchen

  For some of us, we’re cooking in cities and towns where water is in short supply. In fact all through the early 2000s Australia suffered from droughts in many regions, so we had to keep our water usage low. I remember driving around Canberra and seeing the signs on the side of the road Continue Reading


What does ‘planning ahead’ actually look like?

Sometimes the hardest part about cooking is getting everything ready when you need it. If you’ve not had that much experience in the kitchen then this can be the biggest frustration as well as the biggest challenge to overcome. I’m not going to share with you ‘a few simple tricks’ like most magazine and online Continue Reading

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How to build an empire by cleaning your fridge

Empire building, by definition, is the building of one’s power or wealth. Empire building also means that the progression of your power or wealth comes at the cost to someone or something else. What’s this got to do with cooking, and fridges in particular?? Well, if you want to increase your wealth of cooking knowledge Continue Reading