How to make risotto: traditional vs fast method

How to Make Risotto Risotto is an Italian rice dish that’s gotten a bit of a bad rap recently (it’s called the death dish on Masterchef cause everyone who makes it gets eliminated). It’s actually a really easy and versatile dish to make, and it tastes good even if you don’t make it the traditional Continue Reading


What does season, simmer and sauté mean?

What does season, simmer and saute mean? Ever read a recipe, got all excited by the picture, but then had no idea what the actual method meant? Over time you build up knowledge of what the words mean, but at the beginning some recipes sound like they’re written in a different language. If you want the knowledge Continue Reading


The step by step guide to making stir-fries

The Step by Step Guide to Making Stir-fries If you’re like me then you know as well as I do that quick recipes are what you need on week nights because you’re so busy. And stir-fries can be one of the healthiest dinners to make quickly and easily so its the ultimate solution for those Continue Reading


5 Ingredients by 5 Meals – Banana, Corn, Flour, Nutmeg and Honey

In this months’ version of 5 elements I’m going for a sweet combination of foods (mostly), because sometimes you just feel like you need something sweet. There are plenty of us sweet tooths out there who just want some sort of dessert even after we’ve made a wonderful main meal. And then there are those times Continue Reading


Best bean, legume and pulse recipes

This post is for all the vegetarians out there, or for anyone who wants to eat more meatless meals. It’s also a post for anyone who wants to keep the budget in check, as beans, pulses and legumes are a lot cheaper than meat. What are beans, pulses and legumes? Beans Hopefully you know what Continue Reading