Breakfast Out

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The birds are tweeting, the soft chill in the air is fresh with the promise of a new day, and the world is slowly waking up. The sun creeps above the horizon and the temperature warms up. Sleepy eyes head for the bathroom and the kitchen, while others resist the fresh morning light, preferring to hide under the covers until absolutely necessary.

I am of the latter class of people.

I rarely hear the birds, and the day is usually warm before I’ve even opened my eyes. I am just not a morning person, that is unless you want me to stay up overnight and then you might get me to experience an early morning. But despite this, the one thing I just won’t compromise on, no matter what time it is that I finally meander my way out of bed, is breakfast.

I love breakfast!

It’s my favourite meal of the day. In fact, I’ll skip lunch and have a bigger breakfast just because I love it so much. Or if I don’t know what to eat for dinner, it’ll be something from the breakfast menu, like cereal or an omelette. It’s the one thing I just won’t give up, even if that means eating my cornflakes and sliced banana at my desk when I finally get to work at 9:30 am (and my colleagues can attest to this as I’ve done it so many times).

I love breakfast and I think I’ve figured out why: eggs.

As I don’t eat red meat and I’m not really keen on protein anyway, eggs have become my saving grace. They will settle a nauseated tummy, or give me energy on a particularly slow and lethargic day. They’ll keep me full when I know I’ll be run off my feet the entire day, or when I know I just won’t be stopping along the highway when travelling.

Eggs are pretty versatile too. I am particularly partial to Arabic scrambled eggs, where you add a pinch of paprika and a pinch of cinnamon to the scrambled eggs. Yum! I love them fried and made into my own McMuffins, or atop a slice of Turkish bread with avocado and haloumi and salad.

With my breakfast rule in place (it is the most important meal of the day remember) I dragged myself out of bed early last week so that I could finally use the voucher I’d bought for breakfast at The Terrace Cafe at the War Memorial. I used a Groupon voucher and found it to be great value ($19 for two cooked breakfasts with coffee each is excellent value).

I was smart though. I’d checked out the breakfast options a few days before so that I knew what I’d be looking forward too. My husband wasn’t keen on getting out of bed early that day, but at the mention of pancakes his eyes popped open and he hit the shower before I could say ‘with passionfruit and banana’.

When we got there my husband ordered the pancakes, as I had expected, and I ordered a three cheese omelette with baby spinach and cooked tomato. The food didn’t take too long to arrive and it looked really nice. I loved the colour contrast between the green spinach and the red tomato resting atop the bright yellow omelette. And the pancakes piled high with bananas and strawberries and passionfruit syrup looked great.

The passionfruit syrup on the pancakes was fantastic as it was mixed with honey. It’s such an awesome combination that I’m going to store this little gem away for future use. You never know when you’ll need a tried and tested flavour combination to make a passé meal into the incredible. And my three cheese omelette was really tasty and I really enjoyed it.

However, while we enjoyed our meals for the flavour and presentation there were a couple of things we didn’t like. For my husband it was the amount of passionfruit seeds. When you look at the picture the pancakes almost look black, like they’re covered in flies almost, because of the sheer number of seeds. Nice flavour, but hard work to get to the actual pancakes as my husband had to keep pushing seeds away from his fork.

For myself I was a little disappointed as to how much spinach and tomato was included. As they were both written into the description on the menu I had expected there to be more than a garnish of spinach (three baby leaves to be exact) and half a cooked tomato. Hmm. I also thought that the chef was heavy handed on the pepper as I had to keep pushing the cracked pepper to the side as well.

So, overall The Terrace Cafe at the War Memorial was a nice cafe, with lovely tasting food, and had a nice atmosphere too – it’s quiet and off to the side of the main entrance so not overrun with tourists which I liked. 

Be careful what you order, or should I say, be prepared for the food to come out different to your expectations, but it should still be tasty none the less.
So, if you’re headed to Canberra, take a detour to The Terrace Cafe at the War Memorial. Breakfast is served from 8:30am till 11am and lunch from 11:30am until 3pm.

Leave a comment to let me know what you thought if you’ve ever been to The Terrace Cafe, or to recommend another cafe for me to check out soon.


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  1. Breakfast has to be the best feel good meal I reckon. There's just something so nice about warm porridge, or scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, or the crunchy and gooey-ness of a good muesli with fruit. I'm happy too! Thanks Lina.

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