5 ways to get more time in your day to cook

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5 ways to get more time in your day to cook

The secret to cooking dinner each weekday night is not in the skills you have. It’s in your time management, especially in utilising the time you do have instead of wasting the time that’s already allocated for something else. If your time management is off then you’re going to be frustrated and you won’t want to cook dinner, which can have all sorts of disastrous effects. But before you head off to the supermarket frustrated again I’ve got 5 ways you can get more time in your day to cook. You can start implementing these tonight or even tomorrow morning.


Before work:

Time saver 1 – Use a slow cooker

Slow cookers are great because you just throw the ingredients in and it cooks by itself. Taking between 5-8hrs to cook you’ll be able to come home to a healthy, fully cooked meal. You can eat dinner a few minutes after walking in the door if you want to. Spend 20 mins before work chopping up the ingredients before you mix them together and turn the machine on.

Time saved: 40 mins a day. 3½ hours a week.


During work:

Time saver 2 – Grab your groceries on your lunch break

Think about it, supermarkets are busiest after work cause everyone wants groceries for dinner. Instead take a slightly early or slightly late lunch break and grab your groceries during the day when it’s quieter.

Time saved: 40 mins a day. 3½ hours a week.


After work:

Time saver 3 – Leave work on time

Don’t linger and chat to colleagues or try to squeeze more work in. Work will be there tomorrow so you can pick it right back up again in the morning. Get home on time so you have the time to cook without the stress.

Time saved: 20-60mins a day. 1hr up to 5hrs a week.


Time saver 4 – Get an earlier train/tram/bus home

If you’re a public transport user and live in a city you’ll be lucky enough to have many options to get home. I started to leave work earlier and that meant I switched to a different train line which saved me around 20 mins where I wasn’t just standing on the platform. It meant I was home 20 mins earlier which gave me back an extra hour each week.

Time saved: 20mins per day. 1½ hours a week.


Time saver 5 – Plan tomorrow’s meal tonight

Meal planning is a real good time saver. It takes the thinking out of what you need to do so you can just get on and do it. If you’re not a fan of planning meals ahead for a week or more, just plan tomorrow’s meal tonight. That might mean chopping some vegetables tonight to throw in the slow cooker tomorrow morning, or making a salad (but leave the dressing off). It could also be putting frozen food on a plate in the fridge to thaw out overnight or partly cooking some of your meal.

Just remember, anything you do now makes it easier tomorrow. This is an especially good tip to follow if you know things will be chaotic tomorrow night.

Time saved: 20 mins a day or 1½ hours a week.


Make part of the meal the night before, like making veggie patties or hamburger patties.


You can see that these simple things start to add up to big changes. You have more time in your day, starting at up to 2½hrs extra a day, or up to a whopping 10 hours a week.

What are you going to do with all that extra time? Personally I’d recommend spending it on time with your family. Or take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to. Who knows, you might decide to start a blog.

Let me know in the comments or on twitter where you’re spending all the time now that you’ve found more time in your day. I’m sure you’re going to love it, no matter what you do.

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