5 Ingredients by 5 Meals – Coconut, tortillas, pasta, prawns, mixed veg

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A few months ago I introduced this new recurring post called 5 Ingredients by 5 Meals. Basically, I take 5 ingredients and give you 5 ideas on how to cook some or all of the ingredients in your own kitchen. I’m giving you the ideas to try to become creative with the ingredients you are likely to have at home or that don’t need any fancy ingredients. It saves money to cook at home with the ingredients you have, so that’s why it’s better to use what you have than to go out to the shops every time you need to make dinner. Check out the 5 Ingredients by 5 Meals post from November for some ideas on what to do with chickpeas, feta, zucchini, paprika and potatoes, and read on for today’s ingredients and ideas.

Today’s 5 ingredient are:

Coconut (dessicated/shredded) or coconut milk/cream




Mixed vegetables (frozen packet)


Main Meal Ideas

Indian Prawn Coconut Curry – You could toast the tortillas and use like a papadum to help you scoop up the curry. Alternatively you could serve this curry in lettuce leaf cups. There’s also no reason why you couldn’t add in a few handfuls of the frozen veg to make this recipe extra filling. If you add the veg while frozen you’ll have to adjust the liquid, otherwise defrost them by pouring boiling water over them in the sink, then add them to the dish. If you don’t like prawns you could make this vegetarian coconut curry instead (adjust the liquid if using the frozen veg as above).

Vegetarian enchiladas – This is a meal I make all the time and I don’t really follow a recipe for it. Add a can of diced tomatoes to a pan on the stove and add in the mixed vegetables and a can of red kidney beans. Add 1-2 teaspoons each of cumin, ground coriander, paprika and salt (add to your own tastes) and simmer for about 10-15 minutes until the sauce has thickened enough to be put on top of the tortillas and rolled up. Spread the mix over the tortillas and roll each one, placing each rolled tortilla into a baking dish. Top with a line of cheese and bake for about 10 mins or until the cheese is melted and the tortillas are golden. Serve 1-2 enchiladas per person and serve it with a few tablespoons of sour cream and some freshly diced avocado and tomato.

My vegetarian enchiladas

Creamy prawn pasta – Why not switch the cream for coconut cream and give it a more Asian flavour? You could top the pasta with coriander and sliced red chilli if you want that extra hit of heat. Switch in or out the mixed vegetables you like (just because it’s a packet of mixed veg doesn’t mean you cant pick out all the broccoli for one particular recipe).

Creole prawns with tortilla chips – This recipe isn’t too hard but does require a lot of spices, so stock up before you decide to make this one. Add the vegetables to this one for a hearty bowl of food or instead of toasting the torillas, use them fresh and wrap the creole prawns with some salad or your mixed veg and make it like a burrito or taco instead.

Creole prawns with tortilla crisps
Image from Creole Prawns with Tortilla Crisps on Taste.com.au

Dessert idea

Apple tortillas – You could add the desiccated or shredded coconut and some raisins to the apple mix as well. I’d add the cinnamon sugar to the apples however, not just to the outside (pie apples from a tin can be bland). You could try making a coconut flavoured ice cream to go on the side too.


Note: In any of these recipes that use prawns you could swap them for strips of chicken, pork or beef and still have a very tasty meal. Alternatively, if you don’t want meat, leave it out and add in extra vegetables or use mushrooms to emulate the prawns.

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