25 Reasons Why I Love to Cook

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6. The Mediterranean salad I recreated from
a meal out. I never thought I’d be able to do it.
But I proved myself wrong!
  1. I know I am looking after myself and my health and I have come to realise that this is something I never did before and that I need to do for the rest of my life.
  2. I know I am looking after my husband and his health and I am trying to help him maintain his successful weight loss.
  3. Cooking lets me unleash my creativity because of the combinations I can cook, the techniques I can use, the presentation of my dishes as well as the simple creativity involved in making a leftover a meal in its own right.
  4. I feel happier when I cook. 
    14. I have learnt not only to eat fish but to be able to cook it, and I can even fillet it now!
  5. I feel the magic in seeing something wonderful come together from nothing.
  6. I get a wonderful sense of achievement from cooking and a huge boost to the battered self-esteem.
  7. I know which ingredients are in the foods I cook and I know what these ingredients look like and feel like before they are put into my food because I put them in there.
  8. I can take manageable risks and the consequences aren’t so bad, e.g. if I mess up the naan bread I can always grab some from Coles, or if I screw up the burgers I can grab one from McDonalds.
  9. I am conscious of the waste I create, both in terms of wasted food and wasted money.
  10. I have been able to truly appreciate the foods, meals and cuisines I now eat, and I don’t just shove down a bowl of nothingness anymore.
  11. I have begun to eat so many different foods and I now genuinely enjoy them and I look to new foods with anticipation rather than fear.
  12. I have learnt to maximise the foods I cook for the budgets I can afford yet still make meals that are tasty, healthy and use new techniques while I’m at it.
    12. I have learnt to maximise
    the money I spend on food.
  13. I get to wander around the farmer’s markets and marvel at the colourful displays and the range of foods available to me, letting my senses of touch and smell and sight guide me to creativity and new tastes.
  14. I have learnt so many new skills – knife skills, flavour combinations, new food techniques, new ways of creating meals from leftovers, new ways to squeeze meals out of large or small budgets and ways to cook the foods on hand (rather than running to the supermarket all the time).
  15. I can share my love of food with the people I cook for and invite into my home.
  16. I create happy memories and special moments when I gather friends or family for a meal.
  17. I can share my learning with others – those who need my help to cook, those who read my blog, or just in discussions with friends and family – and I love to teach so I cherish these moments immensely.
  18. I have expanded my mind to appreciate new experiences in terms of flavours, spices, cuisines, restaurants and cafes, meals, shops, cities and more.
    18. Spanish Paella
  19. I feel I have a place to belong because the kitchen is mine and it allows me to be me without asking too much of me (unless I decide to extend myself).
  20. I love the heat and the hot blow of the oven when you open the door or the radiating heat of the stove as they make me feel safe and comfortable and that I’m home in safe surrounds.
  21. I feel nurtured and I can nurture others through my cooking.
  22. I have controlled my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms through cooking foods that my body needs, and not foods that my mind wants (most of the time) but that hurt my body.
  23. I get excited when I do the grocery shopping because I can let my mind go wild with ideas and thoughts about what to cook, what to combine and how to cook it.
  24. 11. I never ate rhubarb
    until July 2013.
  25. I have learnt to menu plan and to cook with the foods I have in the house or to stick to the shopping list (okay, okay, I’ve mostly learnt to stick to the shopping list!).
  26. I have fun when I cook!

Question: Why do you love to cook? What reasons are you learning to cook for? Is it to make yourself healthier, to help out a relative or to have better food for your family?

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