100 Meals I Made

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Having my husband do a guest post for me last week has got me reminiscing about the last few years and all the changes I have made, and all the experiences I have gathered. I am remembering all of those meals I tried and failed at and all of the ones that I succeeded in bringing to the table. I can remember all the times I made Nawaf come and taste the foods for me as I was unsure of my abilities, and whether it was supposed to taste like it did.

I have burnt so many loaves of bread, burnt my fingers and my arms a few times too. I have licked and tasted and slurped and sipped so many times and a few of those times I even burnt my tongue too. But I learnt from my mistakes and I kept going back and doing them again, using my new knowledge to help me make it right the next time.

I have baked, cooked, grilled, fried and stirred up a culinary adventure in my kitchen these past few years and I wanted to share with you some of the moments, and some of the best and tastiest meals I have made.

Most of all, I wanted to share with you that it is possible for you to learn to cook, or extend your cooking if you’re just starting out, or add some variety in if you’ve been cooking for years and just feel like a change. I want to share with you new ideas and reiterate that I am not a professional chef. I am just a woman who wanted to improve her health and took control of what she fed herself and her husband, and those who I was lucky enough to cook for at dinner parties.

Please, take a look, and let it inspire you to try something new this week.


     1. Upside down apple cake.
     2. Cheesecake chocolate muffins. 
     3. Loaves of white bread. 

White Loaf

     4. Loaves of wholemeal bread.
     5. Loves of oat bread.
     6. Homemade bead rolls.

Homemade Bread Rolls Made as Burgers

     7. Homemade tacos.
     8. Homemade naan bread.
     9. Za’ater flatbreads.
   10. Za’ater focaccia.
   11. Herbed breadsticks.
   12. Upside down pineapple cake.
   13. Banana bread.
   14. Corn and cheese muffins.
   15. Handmade pizza dough.
   16. Apple beignets (Dutch apple fritters).

Apple Beignets

   17. Scones galore.
   18. Bagels.
   19. Carrot and muesli loaf.
   20. Sun-dried tomato, olive and tomato bread.

Sun-dried Tomato, Olive and Cheese Bread

   21. Chocolate cake decorated with strawberries.
   22. Gingerbread men.
   23. Green marble cake (I didn’t have red food dye that night).
   24. English Breakfast Date Cake.
   25. Brown sugar twisted delight pastries.

   27. Salmon en croute (salmon cooked in pastry).
Salmon En Croute
   28. Spiced fish.
   29. Fish curry.
   30.Jamie Oliver’s Mustard chicken.
   31. Involtini of fish (with lemon and bay leaves).
   32. Feta and sun-dried tomato stuffed chicken breasts.
Feta and Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken Breats

   33. Potato and Spinach Lentil Dahl.
   34. Spanish Chicken Casserole.
   35. Spanish Chicken Pie (made using the leftover Spanish Chicken Casserole).
   36. Chicken enchiladas.
Chicken Enchilladas

   37. Bean and chicken quesadillas.
   38. Mexican beans with sweet potato and polenta wedges.
   39. Pumpkin soup.
   40. Potato and Leek soup.
   41. Tomato and mustard tarts.
   42. Homemade samosas/empanadas (in 3 or 4 different varieties).
Homemade Samosas/Empanadas

   43. Mediterranean tuna pasta bake.
   44. Stuffed capsicums.
   45. Stuffed courgettes (zucchinis).
Stuffed Zucchinis

   46. Haloumi and grilled vegetable salad.
   47. Caribbean split pea and spinach patties.
   48. Haloumi and zucchini couscous salad.
   49. Tomato and feta couscous salad.
Tomato and Feta Couscous Salad

   50. Pumpkin mograbeia (the large variety of couscous).
   51. Nachos with fresh avocado and beans.
Nachos with Fresh Avocado and Beans

   52. Moroccan meatballs.
   53. Swedish meatballs.
   54. Vegetarian tagine (tastes amazing because of the combination of sweet and savoury).
   55. Vegetable frittatas.
   56. Baked potatoes with Mexican topping (vegetables and beans with taco seasoning).
   57. Shepherd’s Pie.
   58. Vegetable lasagne.
   59. Pistachio-crusted lamb cutlets.

   60. Red rice (red kidney beans and tomato paste).
   61. Oregano and paprika rice.
   62. Lebanese rice (with fried risoni in from the beginning).
   63. Kabse (a Middle Eastern chicken, rice and potato dish – definitely comfort food).
   64. Roz and adis (Middle Eastern rice and lentils – great served with fish).
Roz and Adis (Rice and Lentils)

   65. Vegetable risotto (each time I make it I use different vegetables so its never the same).
   66. Jamaican rice (From Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals – with cinnamon and red kidney beans).
   67. Green rice (almonds, sultanas and lots of fresh or dried herbs, usually parsley, and spices).

   68. Lentil, beetroot, lettuce, avocado and feta salad.
   69. Red and green salad (fresh and sun-dried tomatoes with lettuce, cucumber, etc).
   70. Pomegranate salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber sprinkled with pomegranate seeds).
   71. Mixed salad (using the fresh vegies I have at home).
Fresh Salad

   72. Warm chicken salad (add spiced cooked chunks of chicken to crudités and all your fresh vegies, the more the better).
   73. Grilled asparagus with balsamic and shaved parmesan.
   74. Maple glazed carrots.
Maple Glazed Carrots

   75. Spinach, camembert and walnut salad.
   76. Egg salad (lettuce, mashed boiled eggs and a vinegarette).
   77. Potato salad (potatoes and a mustard and vinegarette dressing).
   78. Pasta salad (with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, pesto, corn, etc).

   79. Broccoli and cauliflower gratin.
   80. Tuna and rice patties.
   81. Sweet potato and potato mashed with feta and herbs (Jamie Oliver recipe).
   82. Corn fritters.
   83. Portuguese potatoes
Portuguese Potatoes 

   84. Spiced cauliflower.
   85. Grilled vegetables with polenta wedges.
   86. Cheesy polenta mash.
   87. Beer battered fish nuggets.
   88. Hash browns.
   89. Mini pizzas made from English Muffins (budget night). 

   90. Pancakes with fried apples, dates and sultanas in maple syrup.
   91. French toast with strawberries and maple syrup (I made my own bread too).
Homemade Bread as French Toast

   92. Breakfast cereal, fruit and yoghurt parfait.
   93. Warm peach and brown sugar porridge.
   94. Portuguese potato omelette.
   95. Mini frittatas.
   96. Arabic scrambled eggs (add a pinch of cinnamon and paprika to make it Arabic).
   97. Haloumi, fried egg and avocado turkish roll (with lettuce and tomato).

Haloumi Roll

   98. Egg and cheese homemade English muffins.
   99. Bagels with cream cheese, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.
 100. Breakfast buffet including croissant, smoked salmon, salad, fruit, eggs, and jam and cream cheese. 

Breakfast Buffet

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