Chicken and champagne for Melbourne Cup Day

Please follow and like us:  Chicken and Champagne for Melbourne Cup Day Chicken and champagne just sound like the perfect accompaniment to Melbourne Cup day, don’t you think? Seeing as the races are all about fancy dresses and fascinators why can’t we have fancy chicken sandwiches and mimosas too? While Victorians are lucky enough to Continue Reading


5 ways to get more time in your day to cook

Please follow and like us:5 ways to get more time in your day to cook The secret to cooking dinner each weekday night is not in the skills you have. It’s in your time management, especially in utilising the time you do have instead of wasting the time that’s already allocated for something else. If your Continue Reading


How to make risotto: traditional vs fast method

Please follow and like us:How to Make Risotto Risotto is an Italian rice dish that’s gotten a bit of a bad rap recently (it’s called the death dish on Masterchef cause everyone who makes it gets eliminated). It’s actually a really easy and versatile dish to make, and it tastes good even if you don’t Continue Reading


What does season, simmer and sauté mean?

Please follow and like us:What does season, simmer and saute mean? Ever read a recipe, got all excited by the picture, but then had no idea what the actual method meant? Over time you build up knowledge of what the words mean, but at the beginning some recipes sound like they’re written in a different language. If Continue Reading


Same same but different: Meal planning vs not meal planning

Please follow and like us:Meal Planning vs Not Meal Planning So, you have to get dinner on the table. It happens every night – sometimes it’s organised and easy, other nights it’s chaotic. So in today’s same same but different post I want to compare getting dinner on the table using a meal planning approach Continue Reading