Your personal trainer in the kitchen

Get the right mindset to begin cooking from scratch

Without the right mindset you'll get stressed, frustrated and discouraged, so change that mindset now! 

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Start planning your meals and organising your kitchen

Planning and organisation is critical to your success in the kitchen. It only takes a few minutes to get a plan in place so that you know what you're cooking and when. 
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Improve your cooking skills with these cooking tips

Wherever you are in your cooking journey there's going to be some advice or tips you haven't heard before and will benefit you greatly. 
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Find the inspiration to keep you cooking every night

Inspiration is what keeps you going each day. Find inspiration by watching TV shows, reading cookbooks and websites, and eating at restaurants and cafes.
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Marielle - creator and writer of Spiced Anecdotes

Hello and welcome to Spiced Anecdotes. 

I created Spiced Anecdotes so I could help people turn their lives around through learning to cook - just like I did for myself. I went from watching fresh food decompose in my refridgerator each week to now being able to cook 90% of my meals from scratch. I cook almost every night and have developed routines and plans that help me do just that. 

By following my advice here on Spiced Anecdote you'll be able to turn a dream to cook into reality. 

Let me be your personal trainer as you begin to transform your life by choosing to cook healthy meals for yourself and your family. 

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